Advokatfirma Nierzwicki & Bluszko AS

Advokatfirma Nierzwicki & Bluszko AS is a Polish-speaking law firm based in Oslo. The firm specialises in various areas of law such as contract law, labour law, criminal law and provides extensive legal services to businesses in Norway. Nierzwicki & Bluszko Law Firm also offers free legal assistance to individuals.


Trustclub is an organisation focused on shaping the future for Polish businesses in Norway. They aim to support and develop the Polish business community in the country. As part of their activities, they organise a variety of events that address topics such as business development across Norway.

MTA Academy

The MTA Academy is an educational platform for Poles in Norway, offering courses and training related to life and work in Norway. Course participants appreciate the professionalism and reliability of the knowledge provided. The courses are conducted in Polish with elements of Norwegian professional vocabulary.

MTA Consulting AS

MTA Consulting is a consulting firm specialising in finance and investing in real estate, cryptocurrencies and precious metals. They offer comprehensive services to businesses, individuals and investors, helping to optimise investments and minimise risk.