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As an accounting office with 10 years of experience, we have worked with many well-known restaurants in and around Oslo. Our knowledge and skills have allowed us to develop unique solutions that you will not find in other accounting offices.

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Our priority is to take care of your business from the formal and accounting side, so that you can focus on building your venture.

Step-by-step procedure for opening a restaurant in Norway:


The process may take several weeks. The recommended legal form is a Norwegian limited liability company, or Aksjeselskap (AS).

Obtaining permission from Mattilsynet

The Norwegian Food Authority must issue a licence if a company will sell, store or process food products.

Obtaining a permit for a catering outlet

So-called Serveringsbevilling, issued by the municipal authority at the place of business.

Passing the examination for premises managers

The Eteblererprøve exam is necessary to obtain Serveringsbevilling.

Passing the exam and obtaining a licence to sell alcohol

If you plan to sell alcohol on the premises, you must pass an examination and obtain a so-called sjenkebevilling.

Compliance with regulations

All of the above steps must be carried out in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations.


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