MTA Group AS:
Your authorised accounting firm in Norway

MTA Group AS is an authorised accounting firm with a passion for providing services to companies and individuals with enthusiasm, regardless of their size. We specialise in bookkeeping in Norway, offering support with tax and financial advice.

Our mission

Our aim is to support the growth of your business, taking care of your finances and saving you valuable time. We aim to work with our clients over the long term, building relationships based on partnership.

It is important to us that our clients are well informed and understand all financial aspects of their business. Therefore, education is an integral part of our mission.

Our story

Our history with accounting and finance in Norway dates back to 2011, when we started our adventure in this market. Over the years we have gained experience working for various corporations and helping companies manage their finances.

The MTA Group AS office was founded by Sebastian and Przemek in 2017, drawing on the experience and knowledge they have gained over the years. Their passion and commitment to the field of accounting and finance attracted Patrycja, who joined the team and through her commitment also became a shareholder in the company.

Today, six years after its foundation, our office proudly ranks among the market leaders among offices serving the Polish-speaking client. The MTA Group AS team now consists of 20 people who are passionate and committed to helping our clients manage their finances and accounting on a daily basis.

Company owners


  • Authorised accountant with Norwegian licence
  • Studies at Handelshøyskolen in Oslo and Høyskolen in Haugesund
  • 11 years of experience in Norwegian accounting, industries: restaurants, construction companies, law firms, hydroelectric power plants, associations and many others
  • Interests: sport, investing, personal development, business automation


  • In the process of obtaining accounting authorisation
  • Study at Handelshøyskolen in Oslo
  • 5 years' experience in Norwegian accounting
  • Interests: photography, ecology, management techniques


  • Authorised accountant
  • Study at Handelshøyskolen in Oslo, MA in Economics - EU Wroclaw
  • Experience: Norwegian bookkeeping, business controller at Specsavers Norway AS
  • Interests: finance, investment, football
  • Leader of Asbiro Investors Oslo, active real estate investor in NO and PL

Why choose us?

Choose us and experience a friendly, professional service that will contribute to the success of your business! We have been operating in the Norwegian market since 2011, gaining experience both working as an employee and running our own businesses.